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You want to let the light enter your home when the sun is shining. However, if your windows are dusty, you will not be getting as lighter as you should! Connect with Clean Kings to learn more about their window cleaning services, which are a must-have for every happy home.

Our pleasant, uniformed specialists are ready and able to clean both the exterior and inside of your windows, and they will do it so well that you’ll wonder where they went!

Window Cleaning by Professionals

Residential window cleaning is at the heart of what we do at Clean Kings. We know how to properly clean and clear your windows, leaving you with sparkling windows.

All varieties of windows, including single pane, double pane, skylights, glass panels, storm windows, patio covers, solariums, and more, are cleaned by our professionals. We have the necessary equipment to clean all types of windows, both inside and out. If it’s made of glass, our professionals can clean it!

We employ the most advanced water purification technology to provide a spotless and streak-free shine on your windows, and our state-of-the-art carbon fiber extension poles enable us to reach even the most difficult windows. Before we begin, we thoroughly inspect each window clean remove any tenacious residue with a microfiber cloth.

We Provide a Variety of Services —

 Exterior window cleaning
 Interior window cleaning
 Storm window cleaning
 Glass rail panel cleaning
 Skylight washing
 Screen cleaning
We use a tried-and-true approach for interior windows, which uses filtered water and a biodegradable window cleaning solution that doesn’t leave hard minerals behind, making your windows gleam rather than streak. To ensure crystal clear and dazzling windows and frames, Clean Kings uses a telescopic water-fed pole that can reach up to five stories high and is fed with water purified through our
innovative four-stage water purification system.